How's the Market? May 2020 Stats

Saturday Jun 20th, 2020

hows the market

  It has been interesting times to say the least.  I hope you and your loved ones are taking the necessary steps to stay healthy and active.     As restrictions begin to loosen and some businesses get back to business, the residential real estate market got a little busier over last month with the volume of transactions across all home types up 50% over the month of April.  The number of Active Listings are well below the usual seasonal averages... [read more]

COVID Impact: How Home Prices Have Fluctuated Across Canada So Far

Saturday May 23rd, 2020

covid impact on prices

In April, Canada’s SNLR was 58%, down from 62% in February of this year. For reference, Zoocasa says a range between 40 – 60% indicates balanced conditions, while below and above that threshold indicate local housing market conditions favouring buyers and sellers, respectively. For the largest drop in sales, Montreal CMA had a 65% decline between February and April from 5,338 to 1,890, according to the report. As for the smallest drop in sales, Winnipeg recorded 739 sales... [read more]

How's the Market? April 2020

Thursday May 14th, 2020

hows the market

It has been an interesting seven to eight weeks since the province wide quarantine began and I don't know about you but it has actually gone by faster than I ever anticipated.  That said I am really ready to get going and get social again.  The weather is finally improving which has allowed us to get outside and get some much needed fresh air.   It has been interesting to watch the economy and to see how other industries are fairing through this... [read more]

Plan B: Getting Ready to Sell Post-COVID-19

Friday May 8th, 2020


Some were already planning on selling spring 2020 while others have had changes in their personal circumstances that are necessitating a sale. We’re getting a lot of calls these days from future Sellers. With COVID-19 on everyone’s minds and changing our daily habits, what’s a Seller to do? While our advice to ‘Pause, Watch and Wait’ during the COVID crisis hasn’t changed, we wanted to share some specific to-do’s for future GTA Sellers who want... [read more]

It Now Takes 32 Years for an Average Person to Buy a Home in Toronto

Saturday Sep 28th, 2019

toronto homes getting expensive

Most of us already know that saving for a down payment on a Toronto house is out of reach, but the amount of time it would actually take to do so may shock you.  According to a new Zoocasa report, it would take a median-income household 32 years to save for a down payment on an average Toronto home.  That's right, 32 years — better start saving! The report, titled "Where Could a Median-Income Household Afford Real... [read more]